Acquisition Support

BSGI has extensive experience with developing RFPs and managing the full procurement cycle for our clients, leading them to the successful selection and on-boarding of the best partner for their project implementation. Some of the tasks BSGI provides for this service area are:

  • Develop overall acquisition strategy
  • Develop Requests for Information (RFI), Statements of Work (SOW) and comprehensive Requests for Proposal (RFP)
  • Work with stakeholders and SMEs to document (or validate) functional and technical requirements and document such constraints and requirements in accordance with industry best practices and client guidelines
  • Develop the list of the RFP deliverables and corresponding acceptance criteria, and verify with stakeholders and SMEs
  • Prepare or gather any supporting documentation needed to clarify current state business processes, including Business Process Models, Organization Charts, interface and artifact inventories, and data descriptions and relationship diagrams
  • Prepare RFP drafts in a timely manner and update upon receipt of Client reviewer feedback and comments, including SME and stakeholder reviews, technical reviews by Client’s Department of IT, Management reviews, and legal reviews
  • Prepare necessary Exhibits, Appendices, and Attachments as required by Client procurement policy, Federal, State or local laws, or contract best practice
  • Provide guidance and support during all solicitation evaluation activities, including developing an evaluation strategy for proposals that meet internal and external reviewer requirements, developing oral presentation questions, training the evaluation team on the application of evaluation criteria and scoring standards, and attending oral presentations as desired by the Client
  • Support and guide the Client’s Management Team during the selection phase by providing market research to identify likely vendors, providing insight into various vendors’ past performance, applying comprehensive evaluation criteria and scoring standards, and enforcing and emphasizing Quality Assurance (QA) review metrics relevant to each proposal/vendor

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