Project Management

BSGI has extensive experience with providing program oversight and project management services for large scale legacy system replacement projects, including COTS implementations and in-house development efforts, operating in agile, waterfall and hybrid environments. Some of the tasks BSGI provides for this service area are:

  • Serve as liaison between the Client, System Integration Contractor and hybrid units to organize and lead cross-functional teams through the project life cycle
  • Lead and assume responsibility for the initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure of projects
  • Coordinate project activities and schedules with project team members and stakeholders to ensure project delivery within planned scope, schedule, and budget
  • Develop comprehensive project documents and plans; provide detailed specifications to all members of the project development team, to ensure that teams are able to estimate project costs and timelines adequately
  • Ensure that project initiatives are critically evaluated so that risks are identified and minimized
  • Closely monitor and investigate project costs to ensure that costs are accurately reflected and reported and remain within budget; develop and maintain associated budget documents to support the project effort through the entire funding cycle
  • Track project plans and report project progress against project plans.
  • Document project issues and concerns for review by the Client
  • Manage the change control process
  • Develop and deliver processes and methodologies for analyzing and reporting on project status against milestones and other project gateways;
  • Provide highly qualified, experienced staff familiar with projects of scope and complexity similar to that of the Client’s project(s)
  • Facilitate all regular project status meetings
  • Ensure the safety and regular maintenance of all project artifacts in a repository which is well-organized and easily accessible to all stakeholders
  • Provide oversight and/or management of any additional contractors on the project(s), as assigned by the Client

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