Cultural Change Management

Recent studies by the Harvard School of Business and McKinsey Consulting found that the success rate of change adoption by large complex organizations averages only 30 percent when a robust and early-adopted CCM plan is not implemented. BSGI’s proven CCM methodology and team ensures that new IT solutions are understood, positively accepted, and adopted without interruption to ongoing business processes, moving that success rate to 100%! In delivering CCM to our clients, BSGI provides a full menu of activities:

  • Develop, maintain, and follow a CCM Plan
  • Plan, coordinate, and perform all aspects of CCM to assist all stakeholders to prepare for and adapt to changes that will result from implementing the new system(s)
  • Develop and deliver CCM training to educate internal stakeholders on the business need for the new system(s), the objectives of the project, and anticipated benefits of a modern, integrated IT system(s)
  • Provide timely education, as appropriate, to external stakeholders regarding changes that they may experience due to implementing the system(s)
  • Coordinate the CCM Plan and the scheduling of all CCM activities to align with the Clients’ specific implementation cycles to ensure positive transition for stakeholders as each is impacted stakeholders
  • Develop, maintain, and execute a CCM Communications Plan, including tools and processes for providing information to and receiving feedback from both internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify and recommend beneficial cultural change outcomes for both internal and external system users (including the public) and implement mechanisms to measure progress towards agreed outcomes
  • Develop and deliver the proprietary BSGI Change Ambassador Program®, to select, engage, and provide ongoing training and support to a full spectrum of Client employees who will act as champions of the project to deliver “boots-on-the-ground” value at every level of the Client organization
  • Develop and manage a process to document, analyze, and, as appropriate, incorporate stakeholder feedback throughout the project. Fostering buy-in of all relevant stakeholders, involving them in decision-making and process improvement wherever possible, and alleviating fear and uncertainty among staff by maintaining a free and open flow of project information has proven to be the key to success in many large-scale technology modernization and business improvement programs. BSGI’s unique focus on CCM, with the BSGI Change Ambassador Program® at its core, provides our Clients with unparalleled success in achieving change readiness

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