Data Management

BSGI provides a wide scope of services centered on the strategic planning and deployment of effective and comprehensive plans to efficiently organize your enterprise’s critical Information, Data, and Content. BSGI resources can provide guidance to content owners throughout the enterprise in the following areas:

  • Design, develop, and implement Enterprise Information and Enterprise Content Management (EIM/ECM) strategies and Business Intelligence (BI) plans to optimize the organization, discovery, use, and publication of enterprise information across multiple delivery media
  • Provide Database Design and Administration and for multiple DBMS (SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.)
  • Design and develop data migration plans and routines to move data across multi-level structures, assure accuracy, and resolve data issues
  • Develop Enterprise Search vehicles for use against multiple databases and presenting consolidated results
  • Design and develop appropriate Data Taxonomy, File Planning, and Content Analytics in order to optimize search vehicles and to inform presentation standards internally and externally utilizing online media
  • Develop Data Taxonomy, Information Architecture, and Semantic Navigation to provide powerful search and data discovery engines throughout the EIM/ECM architecture
  • Provide Content and Records Management (RM/DM) and In Place Records Management (IPRM) to facilitate single-source management of enterprise content and retention life cycles

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