Organizational Transformation

It is generally inevitable that when a mature organization implements a significant IT modernization project, there is much work to be done to ensure the creation of organizational structures that fully support the modernized solution and actively exploit the modernized solution to provide maximum organizational efficiency. OTM involves analyzing, designing, and transforming a Client’s organizations to support its business strategies as implemented in a modernized solution. The transformation will include:

  • Modernizing specific business functions
  • Re-designing organizational structures
  • Defining roles and their related job descriptions
  • Analyzing compensation; and
  • Recommending strategies to achieve optimal work-force effectiveness and employee satisfaction as the Client moves into the modernized solution

To accomplish the above transformation, the OTM Services team will:

  • Develop and implement organizational strategies that support improved future-state organizational design and service delivery
  • Prepare organization design alternatives, test them against design criteria, and help align Executive Leadership around design selection and implementation
  • Apply analytic and visualization tools to assess the impact of varying design and decision solutions; Define, analyze, and detail appropriate new job responsibilities and position descriptions to support organizational design implementation
  • Provide analysis of industry compensation benchmarks for positions to be implemented in the transformed organization; Support the process of identifying, assigning, and implementing decision making authority and responsibility to both individuals (decision rights) and groups (governance)
  • Prepare workforce transition plans and programs, including strategies to transition talent at all levels
  • Design jobs and roles, create competency models, and develop career paths to aid in the selection and transition of employees
  • Identify potential people-related risks and anticipated points of resistance and work with CCM Services to develop specific plans to mitigate risk and/or address concerns
  • Collaborate with other Change Management efforts to understand impacts of organizational changes
  • Serve as a trusted advisor throughout the organization

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